Complaints in Progress

Quintanar Case

Mohammad Ali Taheri

Mohammad Ali Taheri

"I demand that the Iranian Government immediately releases Mohammad Ali Taheri".

Daniel Ceballos Venezuela
Daniel Ceballos

Daniel Ceballos

"It is time to denounce Venezuela to the Against Torture Committee of the United Nations for Daniel Ceballos' case"

Human Rights and Islam

"The Islamic societies have impediments with a radically secular conception of the so-called Human Rights"

Death Penalty in Iran

"We tell the world that we have decided to live without fear despite threats, jails, gags and terror"

Nicolás Maduro and the violation of Human Rights in Venezuela

"Human Rights in Venezuela are being systematically violated with the approval of their government "

If you want to send me a possible Human Rights violation, to assess if we present a public complaint ... Do not hesitate to do so!